Monday, August 1, 2016


Today's post is simply entitled  "Current",  a word typically associated with movement.  This movement is in the moment; it is about progress now The below photograph of a river scene is an illustration that shows off the flow of current defined upon its waters.  I remember the feeling of peace that came as I watched the water move in gentle ripples accented by the play of light.  It reminds me of  the breath of God that stirs ripples of movement upon our spiritual lives.  If we are honest with ourselves,  there are times when movement seemingly has gone, stagnation has set in resulting in still water.   Too often we look outward anticipating an external action to stir up inward movement and when action doesn't come, leads to disappointment.  It is during such times as these to remember the character of God - the character of God whose very nature is to move upon still waters and bring life.

There are many references in scripture about water, but I chose several to use in relating to movement.  In Genesis, the very story of creation, speaks about how our God made something out of nothing.  There was emptiness, no form and darkness. That can aptly describe those inward times of stagnation in personal still waters.  But what did our Creator do?  The Spirit of God moved and He took darkness and brought forth light.  He brought forth form and substance to that which was void and empty.  Our wonderful God hovers over our still water to cause movement in new life and brings hope.

The above photos using ducks and water as an illustration of Psalm 23: 24, 23...."He makes me lie down in still waters; he restores my soul."   The ducks are in their natural habitat of water.  There they rest and are nurtured, content in the experience.   In the still waters of our soul, there is movement - a movement of healing, of restoration, to get back to the basics in the simplicity of "God and me".   It is a time to rest and allow God to expand our vision of Him and to bring forth a greater awareness of the eternal.  It is a time to be and not to do.  

One final thought before I close this message.  Most of you are familiar with Psalm 1:3: "They are strong, like a tree planted by a river..."   We gain strength during the learning process 'of being', an art of discovery in itself.   During this time of separation from the doings, we get our internal compass back.  We will be ready to produce in due season but meanwhile, symbolic as a tree, we receive nourishment from God's movement by the river of life.  We can imagine our personal leaves that bud and form that will not wither but be alive in vibrancy.  A greater enrichment occurs as we gain insight as to who we are and what really matters in our individual universe.   A tree has many leaves and God does not limit us to the familiar but rather brings forth a new day in the understanding of life abundant.  "Everything they do will succeed"  ....  In the prosperity of spirit as a tree planted by a river, the being  will propel success in the doings.  The movement of being must come first to flow as a current into doings orchestrated by our Father of Lights, who is all and in all.

Come, join me at The Turn-Up Patch for another visit on Monday, August 15....

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