Monday, July 18, 2016

Sheltering Wings

Wings!... described as a means of flight or ascent.  We use the word wings to explain the appendages existing on any flight orientated body, from birds to airplanes.  Using geese as an example, they have extremely strong wings to assist them in migratory flight.  Their wingspan is normally one and half times the size of their body and can be up to six feet in length.  Feathers on their wings are strong and stiff for protection from wind, moisture and sun.  To read more about this fascinating bird, check out a post that I wrote, entitled "Life Lessons from Geese" at

I took the following photos from a vantage point of a motel room overlooking the Deschutes River in Bend.  They had no idea that they were being photographed, thanks to a trusty 50x zoom camera.  I had the chance to watch them relax, play in the water, preen their feathers, sleep and guard their own.  I captured several shots of them stretching their wings and appreciate all the more how grand a waterfowl they are.

The below photo was taken during the early morning hour.  Several of the birds decided to take a nap and tucked their long necks back into their wings covering their beaks with feathered comfort and warmth.  The third goose appears to be a "guard" as the others slept.  The bird did not attempt to leave the other two but remained alert and vigilant over them until they came out of their slumber.

This can be an illustration of what we, as God's children, can experience within the shelter of His wings. Psalm 91:4 says...."He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and protection."  Scripture has examples of many metaphors that language uses in a figurative sense to present an image.  In this particular image of feathers and wings, it is comforting to know that His faithfulness not only guards and protects but is a refuge and a hiding place for renewal and ascendancy.  Take time out to watch this beautiful video by Highland Praise singing "In the Shelter of Your Wings" and be at peace....

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  1. Such a beautiful example of God's Grace and Mercy! As always, wonderful and unique photos....