Monday, July 4, 2016

Respect? Within America

It saddens me to see respect  decline in America.... for God and for country - where God is marginalized and the flag is vandalized.  Other words for respect are:  regard, esteem, appreciate, consider, honor, to abide by, polite, to avoid violating.  Yes, the flag symbolizes and signals a declaration of freedom, among them being religion and speech in these United States of America.  People can say and do according to their own dictates to make a statement.  When it is not controlled by respect - honor and esteem are forgotten.  When the flag is burned and trampled, when secularism tries to minimize God...  we are in trouble folks.  When freedom is worshiped over and above the God who gave us freedom, we become a sinking society without the standard (level of excellence or quality) of respect for God, for country and for one another.  

The quote above from Ronald Reagan acknowledges that God is synonymous with America.  One cannot be separated from the other.  A great nation remembers not only the founding fathers in signing the Declaration of Independence but the dichotomy of its respectful Dependence on God.   We observe today as a national holiday in the celebration of freedom, known as July 4th - Independence Day.  I have written about this in past posts, one in particular on the American flag... link:
I hope you read it as the message reiterates the meaning and identity of our heritage as citizens and residents in these United States of America - let us not take it for granted.  Festivities are held in communities across the country in remembrance of the cost of freedom symbolic in the American Flag.  Old Glory was birthed in revolution and arose in the midst of struggle and bloodshed to gain independence.   The celebration of July 4th is not all about picnics, parades and fireworks... it's about freedom, liberty and the birthday of our country.  It's about a sacred right and adhering to the basic premise of respect aligned to our Creator. 

Join me at The Turn-Up Patch on Monday, July 18.   I leave you with a quote from Abraham Lincoln...  "Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution.  That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties."



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