Monday, April 28, 2014

Valley View, Caregivers & Baby Chicks!

Spring keeps unfolding its beauty in varied forms of apple and lilac blossoms, trees showing off their new foliage and hills and pastures vibrant in carpets of green.  The smell of fresh rain refreshes and exhilarates the senses in welcoming a new day.
Lilacs & Lace
As spring can be a season in our natural lives, so is winter.  I would like to introduce to you, my readers, touching photos of some wonderful folks who are in the winter of their lives.  These particular ones share a common thread, living out their days being cared for and nurtured by those who are known as caregivers.  No longer able to stay in their own homes for a variety of reasons and out of concern for their well-being, many go to a facility or a private home for assistance by a professional or family member. 

Valley View Assisted Living is one such facility resource. We have come to know it well, since our Doris lives there in supervised care. I am grateful for the diligent attention administered to Doris and others.  Jim and I are in close communication not only with his mother, but with the caregivers and those who oversee in this particular facility. Since we became a part of this phase in Doris's life, in the process we have made new friends with those in the senior community.  It has become a treasured and valuable experience to participate in the winter of Doris's life and to support her during this season of her journey and meet special people along the way.

As family to Doris, we take responsibility to see that she gets the best care possible in a loving environment.  This means... being active and involved.  This means... frequent visits.  This means... a constant eye out for her health and welfare.  This means... watch guarding for proper facility care. In our experience with Doris, I have nothing but praise for the caregivers and to their immediate supervisors at Valley View, who work hard to give the residents a quality of life with dignity and loving assistance in meeting their individual needs.
Mary Lou
The above photo was taken by Kim Ausland including all the pictures used in the below video.  Kim is the activity director at Valley View and is very creative with ideas to stimulate and encourage fun interaction with the residents. One day before Easter, Kim brought some of her baby chicks for the enjoyment of the residents. She captured some poignant moments transpiring between a human heart and a fuzzy, feathery chick through her photography.  Her photos show the comfort and tenderness that even a little chick can bring. With Kim's permission to use her pictures, I created the following PhotoShow called "Valley View Chicks".  Please take time to view each picture and you will truly be blessed to see an emotion in every one.  Each human heart shown has a name and he or she is truly a star who has lived a long life.  They carry a wealth of personal history in the road-map of their lives and often, just need recognition that they too, still matter. 

You can also view this clip at:
It is best to view from a computer rather than an IPhone, IPad or Android.  Unfortunately, there are some "glitches" that exist preventing background music and special effects to appear on these devices as originally produced in the video.   Ahh! These days of high tech can be a challenge!

Doris is now 92 years old and you can read about her on a post that I did entitled, "Rose the Riveter and Doris"...
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I refer to the above links since this story is inter-related with them. 

Until we meet again (Monday, May 12),  have wonderful spring days ahead.  I leave you with this thoughtful quote by John Maxwell... "People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Monday, April 14, 2014

New Life

I'd like to introduce you to the latest addition.... the first colt born this spring on the Clark Ranch.  Surprise! Surprise! This little filly awaited us early Saturday morning.  The photo below shows proud mama with her baby and proud papa standing in the background.  

Spring has a way of introducing us with new life, just as the spiritual season this time of year. As we enter Holy Week, with the celebration of Palm Sunday, we consider an Act of Love which changed the dynamics from darkness into light in Resurrection Life.  Holy Week offers Christians a chance to celebrate their faith in honor of Christ this week in special remembrance.  It is an intense time in reflecting this journey of Jesus beginning with his entrance into Jerusalem riding on a lowly donkey, and people proclaiming Hosanna!  We recall the Last Supper, washing of the disciples' feet, the agony in the garden, the consequent betrayal and arrest of Jesus which led to His torture and death on the Cross.  This end was only the beginning culminating in a risen Lord who impacted the world in influence and effect on history.

Who is Jesus... really?   The following passage is taken from this same written article:
"Throughout history the influence Jesus had on the lives of people has never been surpassed.  No other great leader has inspired so many positive changes in the lives of his followers.  People who encounter the risen Christ are totally transformed.  Their outlook on life is altered forever.  Staying true to their faith, they do not hesitate to face hardship, persecution and even death.  Many devote their lives to serving others, minimizing their own needs and desires."
The below link will take you to this website which has wonderful information to reflect on...

 "I will rise... I will rise... as Christ was raised to life
Now in Him... now in Him... I live"

The above video is presented by xGilliam.  The song is Beneath The Waters (I Will Rise)  by Hillsong.  You can also watch it at this link:

 Have a blessed Easter

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