Monday, August 15, 2016

Magic as Enchantment

Magic!  One of the definitions of magic is as enthralling as the name implies... "a mysterious quality of enchantment".  It can be something as enchanting as sunlight breaking through the leaves of a tree, leaving the viewer captivated with delight in its beauty and attraction.  We now how powerful tools to use in capturing such moments of magic to bear witness to God's wonderful creation of living nature.

This is the same tree that was in my last post, entitled "Current" and the photos used were taken with a Nikon digital camera.  The photos used in today's post were taken with my iPhone camera of the same tree at  different times and in varied angles.  The sun was in the right position to cast its light through the foliage and water, giving the picture an ethereal or magical effect in the play of filtered light.  It is mesmerizing moments like these that can transport the ordinary into an extraordinary viewer experience.  

We live in a day of explosive technology and the digital camera and the smart phone camera are two such inventions that are just an eye lens and shutter finger away in capturing scenes of life around us.  Both are in constant re-invention, applying science in the advancement of performance.  As it is with digital cameras, smart phone cameras are increasingly improving in capabilities and convenience.  The future may read.... "a good photograph is only a smart phone away" as zoom and wide lens features are developed in the progression of improvement for the sole purpose of photography all within a small package of the smart phone.

It is said that a camera is only as good as the photographer taking the picture.  Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.  However, as technology improves, so does creativity in optimizing this technology to full potential.  I am amazed at the talent of photographers and how ingenious they become in attempting the unusual in a display of "magic" upon nature.  Fredrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad are two such artists who are able to transform a forest into a fairyland of vibrating and luminous lights.  Please take time out and check their informative website, complete with a video that is awesome in their production of forest bio-luminescence. 

Another unique photography artist is Vitor Schietti who uses the process of tree lighting for his personal magic.  Here is a sample of his photos.  Read about him and see more of his photos at


Come and join me at The Turn-Up Patch for another visit on Monday, August 29.  Until then, look for a bit of magic in your days and allow God to inspire the common into the exceptional....

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