Monday, July 22, 2013

...And "So God Made a Photographer" (Part II)

Welcome back to Part II of ...And, "So God Made a Photographer".  I am constantly amazed at the diversity of subject matter in scenery, humanity and nature. And within that particular diversity, how a person with a love for photography, can 'make it speak' according to his or her own eye and style.  It has been said that we can all view a mountain and see different perspectives of that mountain from physical sight to the spiritual.  Building on that premise, there are countless opportunities awaiting discovery that surround us every day, not only in the field of photography, but life in general.

If you tuned into my post last week, you saw the talented work of Fr. Julian Cassar and Terri Metz.   Today, I am pleased to present the work of two more friends who are also family - Matias Trejo, son-in-law and Joseph Loudermilk, brother-in-law.  I do encourage you to click on the photos to enlarge for greater viewing pleasure.

Joseph Loudermilk  was born in Canada, raised in Alaska, had college days in Oregon with career moves in California. He is an architect by profession. Interested in photography from a young age, Joe developed his own prints, learning darkroom basics.  He had his own darkroom where he self-taught how to craft black and white prints from a 35 mm camera.  Progressing to digital camera, he presently does his work primarily in Adobe Lightroom and continues to specialize in black and white prints.  He is an Ansel Adams fan, who was a famous photographer of iconic black and white images of the American West.  Joe applies Ansel's musical analogy in photography:  The "negative" is the musical score and the "print" is the performance.  Joe states: "I love creating the emotion of the performance when I am post processing my images.  Think of all the different ways a piece of music can be performed by a different artist.  The same is true when developing an image.  But you also have a good image/'score' to have a good performance." 


In using his creative skills, imagination and artistic talent, Joe's architectural background serves him well in his dramatic style of black and white photography.   I was only able to present a few of the many images that he has taken because of space in this post.  However, Joe will send you a PDF portfolio of additional images that can be viewed on your computer by contacting him at:   
You can link up with his photography website at:   

Matias Trejo De Dios  originates from Spain, raised in Northern Africa and has been part of the Northwest since 1995, living in Oregon.  He is a creative producer of various forms of media including video, still photography and graphics.   Matias also does Journalism, TV and radio in Spanish within the states of Oregon and Washington.  He has a focus in the Latino Market as a business consultant in the areas of Marketing and Technology.   Matias has an innate ability for bringing out the best that a subject offers. He uses the mediums of light and texture to emphasize a 'story within a story' in an image, whether it is a photograph or a video production.  His artistic talent and eye for design, combined with creative and technical skills, facilitates him well in producing quality work.   Matias is a worldwide traveler and has taken many unique shots introducing the viewer to different cultures highlighting aspects that unite human beings.

The following link is to a video that Matias produced in an interview with Toshi Onizuka, a Japanese flamenco guitarist in the United States.  For those of you who understand Spanish, you will enjoy watching the video.  For the rest of us, who don't understand, you can still enjoy the setting of artistic play of light and obvious camaraderie between the two men in the appreciation of guitar expertise. Matias describes Toshi Onizuka as "one of the greatest exponents of the fusion of flamenco in the United States".

And aren't I the fortunate one to be blessed with such talented family members, Matias and Joe, as well as my friends, Terri and Fr. Julian.  I learn much from their work and admire their creativity through the art of photography.  Thanks to each one of you for allowing me to share your images with my readers around the world.

See you next Monday at The Turn-Up Patch!

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