Monday, July 29, 2013

My Feline Friend

Cats!  You either love 'em, hate 'em or tolerate 'em.  Since I am a cat lover, I wanted to expound on the marvels of this four-legged furry, purry critter that can be as aloof as can be needy.  They can pendulum swing from craving attention to 'leave me alone'.  These feline friends can lick your hand or claw your hand, depending on the mood.  They can ignore you if they are busy doing other things, like sniffing obscure smells that only a cat can detect.  You can be subject to a dirty look, if you fail to have their favorite treat on hand.  

...can't see me!
...not a happy day!
They love to play hide 'n seek, thinking you'll never find them, not knowing that their tail gives them away in their hiding place.  These furry critters sleep most of the day (and night), waking up in spurts of energy, only to succumb into another naptime.  They become alert to any type of moving meat; whether it is bird or mouse, even a young rabbit at times.  Their prowess of hunter kicks in as they begin the hunt. After a fresh kill, they are proud to bring it to the doorstep of their human family, as if to say...'I brought you some dinner tonight'.  And then they wonder why their owner displays such horror at such a find!  When in a playful mood, cats love to chase and jump, entertaining themselves with a tiny ball until boredom sets in and it's 'game over'.... time to groom and nap.

Cats instinctively know if you are having a bad day and curl up nearby as if to say,  'I care'.   They can be soothing as you pet their coat of soft fur, a simple action that seems to exude peace.  Cats can find their way on your lap, in your bed or curled up beside you in your favorite chair. They can stealthily  climb up onto the top of your printer or the back of your office chair and lay there watching you work... and wonder... why humans stare so intently at this thing they call a monitor screen.  Then tired of waiting to be noticed, compete for attention and walk across your keyboard causing distress for the owner and satisfaction for the cat. 

Some have learned to ride in a car or truck and consider it an adventure; others have to be put in a cage, which usually means a trip to the vet.   They roll over and are extravagant in showing off their furry bellies, stretching out with four paws in the air, waiting to be touched.   Their sandpaper tongue can lick your hand in appreciation of you, their human friend.  An outstretched paw with sheathed claws can reach out to touch your face and gently pat as if to say, "I love you".  Or they can simply stare.'s looking at you!
Their hearing is more sensitive than humans or dogs and a cat can see about six times better than a human at night, according to cat trivia.   I pay attention when my cat sits up and takes notice without a sound... her body language tells me she is in tune to something that I cannot hear or see. 

The photos that you are viewing are of  my cat 'Turnup', for which this blog is named.  As I mentioned before in my very first post, she came to us abandoned, scared and starving.  It seemed logical to call her Turnup since she just happened to turn up at our home, which has become her patch of territory.  We have become the best of pals and I count her as a little gift which God sent my way.   I found out that she is a Maine Coon, a particular breed of cat that is affectionate and cat-smart.
...she thinks I'm smart!
Living in the country, often domesticated cats (and dogs) are dumped by the side of the road and left to fend for themselves.  There may be a few who wander from their home and become lost, but that is rare.   Most often, owners abandon them for whatever reasons they use to justify this action.  Few make it; they most often are a victim to the elements around them, which include predators, environment and starvation.  Some become wild in the process of survival.  Instinctively, they look for a lost semblance of being fed and you may find one at your doorstep for a handout.  And then it becomes another person's responsibility for choice as to what to do with the critter at your door.  I found this poem which was written anonymously.....

A Cat's Prayer
I hope I'm not asking too much, Lord
All I want is a home of my own
And to know when my next meal is coming
Instead of the scraps I get thrown.

I've been out in the cold for so long now
Coping as best as I can,
But it's not so long I've forgotten
The touch of a soft caring hand.

I really don't want to be greedy
At the moment I'm all skin and bones,
So would it be too much to hope for
That someone will give me a home?

...welcome home, Turnup!
I love stories that are happy and/or have happy endings.   In this day of advanced technology, we become instantly aware of so much tragedy, inhumanities, war and crisis of every kind throughout the world; it's good to come across stories and video clips that bring a smile.  I'd like to share with you three such stories, which are delightful to read and to watch.  Actually, it's four since you just read about Turnup's happy ending.   Click on the links and give yourself a lift for the day by checking out these current Internet cat sensations:

1.  Momo, the swimming cat, in High River, Alberta in Canada
2. "O2 - Be More Dog".... a funny video clip.  You'll have to see it to appreciate it. 

3.  Grumpy Cat's interview on ABC News 

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  1. this was fun to read! my five kitties (the family grew last fall) constantly amuse and entertain me; and yes, can annoy me too!! They are as individual as can be when you take time to really get to know them. Cats are one of God's sweet blessings. And I am convinced He knows who to send them to for love and care.