Monday, July 15, 2013

...And "So God Made a Photographer" (Part I)

Photography is a wonderful tool for making a memory, documenting history, telling a visual story and is used as an expression to capture life in all its forms.  In this day of the digital camera, photographers have increased in leaps and bounds, producing shots to the amazement and appreciation of fellow photographers and viewers alike.

There are professional photographers who have the equipment and background who are hired to do studio shots for magazine layouts, weddings, portraits, and natures stories and make their living solely on photography.  Most of us are amateurs or semi-professionals who enjoy photography as a creative tool to express life  around us.  I would like to showcase four such photographers who have the ability to uniquely communicate their world in their individual style. They all have different professions but each conveys their love for the art of photography through their pictures. Since I know them personally and admire their photographic talent, I wanted to share their work with you, my readers.  Fr. Julian Cassar and Terri Metz are featured in today's post. Next week's post at The Turn-Up Patch will feature two other photographic artists whose pictures I'd like you to see.   I can only exhibit a few of their many beautiful photos because of space, but I hope you will check out links to their work as listed further on.   I encourage you to click on the photos for greater enlargement and viewing pleasure.

Fr. Julian Cassar  is a Catholic priest by profession and pastor of St. Francis De Sales Cathedral in Baker City, Oregon.  Originating from Malta, Fr. Julian began his pastoral ministry in New York and presently serves within the Diocese of Baker in Eastern Oregon.  He is skilled with a keen observation of God's beauty in nature and shows versatility and perspective in subject matter.  Fr. Julian often encounters wildlife for photo opportunities on his travels to and from his mission church in Halfway and in the surrounding scenic area of Baker City.  His timeless images are diversified and distinctive in portraying life from a heart that views God in His creation through the eye of a camera lens.


This last photo  was taken by Fr. Julian when he visited Rome and the Vatican.  It has a story to it as to how a photograph can be noticed throughout the world.  He placed this photo on his blog last year and a publishing house from Brazil discovered the photograph and became interested.  Since they were planning to publish on the 50th Anniversary of Vatican Council II, they asked Fr. Julian for permission to use his photo as a front cover to the book.  He was sent a copy of the Brazilian book with the text in Portuguese. You will find more of Fr. Julian's photography as well as informative and inspiring posts on his blog.  Also, you can read his complete biography at: 
The below link will take you to St. Francis De Sales website, which includes many of his photos:

Terri Metz  is another friend who is a fine photographer.  Terri was born in Buffalo, New York and currently resides in California.  She has been involved with photography from a young age since her father was a photography teacher.  She would carry his cameras and accessories to his classes and be able to sit and observe her father teaching others.  Her interest grew through the years as well as the styles of cameras, which passed through her hands ranging from an early Kodak Brownie to present day digital.  She captures unique photos, which exquisitely tells a story, whether in human, animal or nature form.  She also is a versatile artist with a camera and has a talent in communicating a photo in her own authentic style.


Terri succeeds in creating interesting images in sharing her world in her own way.  She looks for bits of forgotten history in the unique landscape of the backcountry of California, as well as local subjects and scenery to photograph.  Her newest interest is taking portrait shots of pets and children in natural environments.  
You can see more of Terri's photography at her website:
You can also find Terri's work on Facebook:   Special Photography by Terri Metz

This video is presented by Santa Fe Workshops and they dedicate it to the photographer in all of us.  The words ring true as to its message.  Credits are given at the end of the video, including the photographers whose work was used in the video.  The above clip compliments today's post as well as the up and coming Part II of  ...And "So God Made a Photographer". 

The above video can also be found on this link:

See you next week at The Turn-Up Patch for Part II ......


  1. Love the photographs from both. They are very talented in capturing feelings in their images. I am lucky enough to know Terri, love seeing her work as she releases it.

  2. I am honored to be featured as a photographer on this excellent blog. I never took any lessons on photography, but just always had a good eye for nature, scenery and anything that is photo-genic. I am always conscious about getting a good angle at every photo I take. Since priests are not married I always like to tell people that my camera is like the wife I could never have - always in my passenger seat, always hanging around my neck, and always winking at her (through the viewfinder of course!) Thanks Colleen for a nice display.