Sunday, March 31, 2013

There is No Risk

LOVE breathed life into Adam and LOVE breathed its last on the Cross.  A breath so powerful that LOVE tore the temple veil, eclipsed the sun and the earth quaked A powerful breath that even in the grip of death, came the explosion of Life.   

LOVE left the Cross and breathed new Life upon His fallen mankind in the resurrected power of  Jesus ChristA new dimension of abundant Life in God's oxygen, became available for us to breathe and intake for restoration, intimacy and well being.  It feels good to inhale a deep breath of God!  And what a wonderful beginning in the dawn of each new day in our lives.
Mt. Vernon Daybreak
I wrote, 'There us no Risk' in honor of ABBA, our heavenly Father,  revealed to us through Jesus.  As it was in the beginning, LOVE desires no less than to gather His own unto HimselfAnd to breathe the breath of abundant Life within you and me, becoming one in essence, throughout our earthly journey and eternal destiny. 

There is no Risk
There is no risk to stand before You.... vulnerable,
     for You take my open heart with no reproof.
There is no risk to stand before You.... just as I am,
     for You take my being in total acceptance.
There is no risk to stand before You.... shackled,
for You take my chains and set me free.
There is no risk to stand before You.... in transgression,
for You take my sins and wash me with forgiveness and peace.
There is no sin to stand before You..."in ego rights",
for You take my selfishness and give me selflessness.
There is no risk to stand before you... broken,
for you take the pieces and give me healing restoration.
 There is no risk to stand before you... in personal guilt,
for You dissolve it with Your judgement of mercy and grace.
 There is no risk to stand before You... in spiritual blindness,
for You take my darkness and give me light to see.
There is no risk to stand before you.... in depression,
for You take my cave of despair and inspire me to hope.
  There is no risk to stand before You.... in adoration and praise,
for You take and we mesh in sweet communion.
There is no risk to stand before You.... as Your own,
for You take my life and anoint it with your Presence.
There is no risk in allowing You to take..
for I am being made whole.

The above clip is produced by IntelliBibledotcom and presented on YouTube by Randy Reed.  It is an original video of  Margaret Becker's "Just Come In" with on-screen lyrics.  Be blessed by the message and the music.
You can also view at this link:

May your Easter Sunday be special and that your "everyday" be an experience in the freedom of the abundant breath of God.   See you next Monday at the Turn-Up Patch.....

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  1. I really enjoyed the There Is No Risk poem. touching and inspirational. Thanks Colleen for another lovely post.