Monday, March 11, 2013

Stop and Smell the Roses

Last week's post was to do with climbing our personal mountains and not letting discouragement, as a grain of sand, get in our way.  Today, I'd like to present something very simple that is one of the helps available to us in countering  discouragement which in its definition, means to dishearten and dismay and to deter us off the path of our journey.   If we would learn to "stop and smell the roses",  this practice would aid us as a relief or remedy to the shadow of discouragement and days cluttered with activity.

A rose is a beautiful flower in its creation... it comes in different colors... red, yellow, white, pink to name a few.  Each color seems to have it's own personality written into the rose.  The petals are soft to touch, delicate and yet strong enough to open in an exquisite design of layers that has the stamp of  Divine on it.  The aroma of a rose can be captivating, if one stays long enough to enjoy such a fragrance.  The below photo is one I took of my cat, Turnup, who decided to sit awhile by this Valentine rose.  She was attentive in new discovery in her little cat world and lingered long enough for me to take a few photos.
The saying "stop and smell the roses" symbolically represents life's savory times existing around us in moments.  Children's laughter, the smell of fresh rain, listening to a favorite melody, geese flying overhead, a loved one's voice, the taste of a favorite food or drink;  there are so many illustrations in moments just waiting for discovery.  This kind of discovery requires a conscious stopping in our busy minds and open our senses to sight, sound, smell;  to really feel and listen to our surroundings.  We become so rushed along our own hurried paths, we often miss wonderful moments of blessings instead of awakening to them.  The voice of God is always within and without and if we would stop... really stop... we could hear Him through life's messages in moments.  

All of us have schedules to keep, deadlines to make, the work place and home life demanding attention.  The allotment of time seems insufficient to handle all the "doings" of daily needs, which rolls into another day of busyness.  In our personal journey with mountains to climb, it is good to be refreshed by the moments that you notice and take time out to appreciate.  It is a way to energize your walk and enjoy the bits of heaven right here on earth in discovered moments as you continue on to realize your dream.   A great and true quote by Rose Kennedy... "Life isn't a matter of milestones but of moments".

The following video promotes this thought which is created by Redfearn Reflections.  The beautiful photos are by Warren Refearn with music by singer/songwriter Mac Davis.  This song, "Stop and Smell the Roses" was popular in the early '70's but is timeless in its message for today and tomorrow.
You also can view at this link: 

You got to Stop and Smell the roses
You've got to count your many blessings everyday
You're gonna find your way to heaven is a rough and rocky road
If you don't Stop and Smell the roses along the way

See you next Monday at the "Turn-Up Patch".  Meanwhile, have a special week and enjoy a moment or two or three and find yourself and the smile of God in the process.

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