Monday, April 8, 2013

Seasons & Surprises

As I write this, Spring has suddenly emerged in Eastern Oregon.  An amazing tribute to nature as dormant life begins its seasonal transition from winter to spring.  The color green appeared as if overnight in lawns and pastures and the hillsides are starting to turn from the drabness of winter gray and brown to early shoots of green grass.  I am reminded that spring is an example of the reviving of the human soul.  A quote from Robert Orben... Spring is God's way of saying, 'One more time.'

God splashes his earth with a coat of many colors, particularly in areas which have seasons.  Living in the John Day Valley, we are treated with winter in snowy white, spring with the appearance of multicolored life, summer with deep hues of crayon colors, and fall with its golden splendor.  Occasionally, nature can orchestrate an original delight to refresh our soul through a unique display that only God can create during any season.

One such occasion occurred on a summer day last year, which also happened to be on my friend's birthday. Kathy was taking a moment out of her busy life to have a "walk-about" in enjoying sights, sounds and smells of the surrounding countryside where she lives. She discovered an unusual creation in nature, which greeted her in an unexpected way.  With my camera in tow, she invited me to take photos of her unique find.  What you see is an irrigation pipe jutting out of the hillside that was broken and of no use with just a trickle of water dripping at the end.  The water was just enough of a component, along with random dirt and seed, to develop a creation of wild flowers in the midst of juniper trees, sagebrush and dry hillside.  Nature's colored bouquet burst from the end of the pipe in a styled arrangement, which would rival a florist's talent.  I share these pictures with you, my readers, to illustrate the ingenuity of God in blessing my friend on her special day. 
Kathy's birthday surprise....
 ... nature's hanging flower bouquet.... the end of an irrigation pipe  (click on photos to enlarge)
Just as the earth goes through seasons in changes, so do we in our journey along the pathways of life.  No matter what season we are in, we are never alone in our experience because of our Ultimate Friend. By His Spirit we are encouraged from within and once in awhile, He creates a 'bit of magic' just for you to brighten your day in surprising discovery.

The following is a great inspirational video, which completes my message in today's post.  I encourage you to watch it in its entirety.   May you be heartened in your day and your week through the words and the music of  "The Seasons of Your Life".

"The Seasons of Your Life", Inspirational video by ARAND Video Services - Music selection "Remembering the Light" by Kevin Kern.  You may also view at:

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