Monday, September 12, 2016

A Visit to Magone Lake

Magone Lake is about a thirty minute drive from where we live in Eastern Oregon.  It is a hidden jewel within the Malheur National Forest in the Blue Mountain range.  Both residents and tourists come to enjoy its peaceful beauty and enjoy a retreat from the hectic demands of life.   Here, you can take a pause to do nothing except savor the warming sun on your body, the smell of clean air and sounds of nature.  The lake and the sky appear to be of one pristine blue broken by jagged forest trees of spruce and pine surrounding the perimeter of the lake.

There is a trail that surrounds the lake for those who would take a leisure walk, stopping to pick huckleberries along the path and always a scenic opportunity for those who carry a camera.  The lake provides fishing, canoeing and swimming for recreational pleasure.  Some folks come for an afternoon picnic and others stay in over-nite campsites.   

Locals from John Day, Mt. Vernon and Prairie City don't have far to travel for a mini vacation to a "get away" place for relaxing, whether for a few hours or a few days.  I have enjoyed visiting this Grant County scenic gem with my daughters and grandson, a backdrop in creating happy memories.  For more information on Magone Lake, check out this link: 

As we bid farewell to summer, there is an appreciation that all the season brought.  Fruit and garden produce, flowers of all varieties in bloom, green grass and trees in full foliage are just a few of the tangible experiences of summer. Despite the hot days, we had long hours of sunlight that will soon be reduced as winter approaches. Predictably, the seasons pass by as a revolving door into a new year.  

Magone Lake is a little patch of beauty in Eastern Oregon and inspires us to consider our magnificent God, the Creator who Is All  and In All  in this world and the universe.  Please take time to check out a wonderful video entitled "God's Beautiful Creation, Awesome Scenery"

Come back and visit The Turn-Up Patch for my next post on Monday, September 26....

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