Monday, September 26, 2016

A Tempered Force

Two weeks have rolled by quickly for a new post at The Turn-Up Patch.  As I searched my heart for a message, what has jumped at me are two dynamics that has been in the news in recent weeks.  Of course, both involve perspective as to what personal viewpoint an individual shares.  But no matter what perspective, what seems to be lost in the translation is respect.  I have written previously about respect and also about the American flag, links to follow below.

My birthplace was Canada where I spent the first 21 years of my life.  Upon marriage and moving to the United States, I carried with me an innate respect for the law of the land whether it be Canada or the U.S.A.  There were morals and principles to be followed and a sense of honor in the privilege to live in freedom in either country.  The flag is an embodiment in representing national identity, whether it be the maple leaf or the stars and stripes. 

I became an American citizen and embraced the country of the United States of America and its' flag many years ago.  Throughout these years, I have noticed an erosion taking place - I am alarmed at the disrespect that is becoming prevalent across the land. Granted, that as a person matures, so does a country in evolving through struggles from technology to sociological advancements in the 21st century.  What should not change is respect, which is the tempered force  that restrains chaos in the conduit of changeDissent that shows disagreement in the radical objection of violence leads to dessent, a downward spiral that is devoid of respect and ugly in its promotion of lawlessness.   With this being said, please check this link on a post I wrote regarding the significance of respect.... 

The hopes and dreams, justices and injustices are written into the fabric of our country represented by "Old Glory".  It is a standard that is always measured by time in the movement of history.  Let it fly under the banner of respect for effective transformation.  A post that I wrote entitled "Identity of the American Flag" is a reminder of our country's foundation in the making for freedom's cause....

In closing, here is a sober reminder out of Mark 3:25, which states:   "A house divided against itself cannot stand".  This was the same quote that Abraham Lincoln used in a speech from 1858.  A truth for that time and a continued truth for this present age.

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