Monday, March 30, 2015

March Moments

The month of March has passed quickly, bringing its expectations and its surprises.  I'd like to share a few photos of some of the moments of this month before we begin new days coming up shortly in April...

The following pictures are of a little stud colt that was born on the ranch in the early morning hours on March 25.  I took these photos in the late afternoon when he was all cleaned off and found balance on all four legs. The foal appears to be a lineback dun in color and already is exhibiting signs of being a classy fellow.  Even though he is was barely a day old when these photos were taken,  he is ready to take the world on (as long as his mommy is close by).

Scenery along Highway 26 in Eastern Oregon can be beautiful.  You never know what will present itself for a camera opportunity.  The first photo was taken in the early morning hours as the sun was cresting its rays over the hillsides on a recent trip to Bend.  The golden hue was a delight to behold that dramatized the average display of color.  The second picture is a typical scene that you see in Grant County of the Blue Mountain Range.  This shot shows the mountains in veiled clouds that appeared with the morning rain as a backdrop to cattle grazing in fields next to the highway.

And here are a few fun animal photos to share with you.  The first was taken at a parking lot in the local town of John Day.  I spotted this wonderful St. Bernard dog who was sitting quite calmly in the driver's seat of his owners truck.  He looked quite content and with his size, filled up the whole seat and window space.  He looked at me to say... " Well, haven't you seen a dog drive before??"

And last, but not least is the below photo of "King Charlie" - or at least he thinks he is king as he surveys his surroundings from a high point on the post.  Charlie is our dog-cat who can easily fit in with the dogs as one of the boys, yet also be aloof on a post in typical cat independence.

As the moments of March have quickly passed by, it also gives reflection on this Lenten season.  Yesterday, being Palm Sunday, begins Holy Week in the Christian tradition and climaxes in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I wrote a post on March 24, 2013 entitled 'The Omni of God'.  It shares a truth about the power of the Cross as it stretches from this present age and reaches into the abyss of space and time when creation began in the Omni of God.
I encourage you to read this post at

My next post at The Turn-Up Patch will be on Monday, April 13.  The celebration of Easter will be over with but the Resurrection remembrance of so great a Love lives forever in our hearts.  I wish you all a  BLESSED AND HAPPY EASTER  in the experience of new life!

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