Monday, March 16, 2015

Ireland - Enya, Love & Time

Today's post takes us back to Ireland and highlighting a favorite artist of mine, Enya.  Many of you know her music and voice but may not be aware of some of her background.  Enya was born in the northwest of Ireland in Gweedore, County of Donegal in 1961.  The fourth child with eight siblings, she was raised in a musical family.  Enya was part of the family band, Clannad, before she branched out on her own.

Developing a style of music that can be described as ethereal, she was influenced by Irish, church and classical music.  Her albums are also performed in ten different languages.  Despite her international fame, she still finds time to sing in her mother's choir every Christmas at Midnight Mass at St. Mary's Church in Gweedore.  This is rather a condensed version of Enya - you can find out much more about her life and her success as a solo artist in research on the internet, today's information highway.

My focus is primarily on one of her poignant songs entitled "Only Time".  You can watch a beautiful time-lapse video by Robert Breton, which is presented by 'Eugena & Robert' at the below link featuring this particular song.

The lyrics are simple and speak of love and time.  Part of it says....
Who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose
Only time
And who can say where the road goes
Where the day flows, only time

Who knows?  Only time  

A tree tunnel near Cahir, Ireland
I took the above photo on my memorable trip to Ireland.  I chose this particular picture to illustrate the concept as to 'who can say where the road goes'.  Time tells the story regarding the path of love - the cause and effect of its strengths and weaknesses and how it plays in the picture of our lives about what endures and what disappears.  People come and go in our lives; some walk around the edges of our heart and some walk inside, leaving an indelible footprint.  The footprints in our heart can be many or they can be few belonging to those who become part of usOnly time reveals the depth of love in that footprint as it sinks ever deeper into our heart or if it leaves a shallow imprint where love did not grow.

See you next time  at the Turn-Up Patch on Monday, March 30....

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  1. I enjoyed these last two posts. I love Enya's music! I see that Doris was quite a shooter! Wow.