Monday, October 24, 2016

Harvest Time and Community of Dayville, Oregon

Today, as we journey through Harvest Time, we take a little trip to Dayville.  I wrote about Dayville in October 2013 when the community was celebrating their Centennial including a fun video I put together of the creative scarecrows that lined their main street.  You can check out this post at the below link, which gives some background history about Dayville.
Three years later, the friendly town of Dayville carries on their harvest time tradition, complete with this welcoming sign featured in the park. 

In all kinds of weather, through storms and sunshine, the sturdy scarecrows remain vigilant during October welcoming travelers driving through on Highway 26.  The residents who join in the creative fest for best harvest scarecrow, outshine in individual handiwork and it is difficult to make a choice as to a favorite ragamuffin.  Here are just a few samples...


Not to be outdone by scarecrows, pumpkins come into display with their whimsical faces drawn by a talented Dayville resident.  Featured at the Community Fall Festival, they were a hit as well as the food fare, prepared and served with plenty of delicious cuisine choice.

Many thanks to the Dayville residents who make Harvest time in the John Day Valley unique with creative scarecrows and to Ruthie Moore for her 'funtastic' pumpkin faces - all done for our viewing pleasure!

Join me next time at The Turn-Up Patch (not Pumpkin Patch!!) on Monday, November 7.  Until then, sending to you a harvest of God's good blessings.....

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  1. It is great to see what wholesome things communities who get together can do!