Monday, March 28, 2016

The Miracle Within - Part 2

We have just celebrated Easter - Jesus!  the Resurrection and the Life.  What does this all mean?  Far from the Cross, we are quite familiar with the traditional easter bunny, decorated eggs and baskets of sweets that awaits on Easter morning.   Easter became a merging of legend and spring equinox with the Christian celebration of a new era heralding the resurrection of Christ.  

Out of the dark violence on Golgotha with the torture of the cross and death, came an explosion of Light that has resonated for over 2000 years.  In the Christian faith, the cross became a symbol of victory - the Risen Savior, the Christ.  His arms were outstretched on the Cross, nailed to beams in constrained pain.  These same arms in the power of Resurrection, seeks to hold us - for us to know His embrace of Love that revives and restores to new life.

There is another dictionary definition of easter, which means a wind from the east.  This is significant as the root of the physical life of Jesus is located in the middle east of this world.  His death and resurrection occurred in the east and by the power of His Rising, there came a spiritual mighty wind from the East.  You cannot see wind but you can see the effects of wind upon the elements of earth and feel its presenceThis mighty wind is symbolic of the Holy Spirit - as a sixth Sense referred to in my last post, "The Miracle Within".  The force of the Spirit - pulsating in power to move and shake and yet can be as a gentle breeze upon our spiritual landscape If we take our arms and with hands held upon our chest - the miracle lies beneath the tissue of skin, marrow of bone and muscle of heart.  Our hands rest upon a union with the Spirit of God.  He is not a far off God!  We need not look to the heavens or to a church building to find Him but look within to touch Eternal Life, our Source to whom we belong, where we live and move and have our being.
I end today's post with another quote from Helen Keller.  It is short and simple and yet, profound... "What I am looking for is not out there, it is within me."

Until we meet again at The Turn-Up Patch on Monday, April 11.

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