Monday, December 21, 2015

Swans And Christmas Gifts

The swans are back!   What a delight to see them once again.  They first appeared earlier this year in February and I wrote about them in this reference link:    Please check it out for the background story.
I hope to capture more swan photos for better clarity and composition as they get used to me creeping up on them for a photo shoot.  For the time being, I use my camera zoom to watch them and snap the shutter without disturbing my feathered friends.  I don't know how long the swans will stay this time.  As mentioned, these water-birds showed up with a flock of geese back in February and left after a months' visitation.  What a Christmas gift to have them return.  I'll enjoy the graceful presence of these swans until they decide to continue their journey elsewhere.

Christmas can be everyday - the gifts of God in His marvelous creations are all around us to enjoy.  They can be from the spectacular to the simple.  All we need to do is to become aware of the beauty in sight and sound around us and take it in, which is called receiving..........

Since we are created beings, we take after our heavenly Father in creativity that is built inside of us.  There is demonstration all around us.  One such sight this Christmas season is a home on Highway 26 in Mt. Vernon that delights residents and travelers alike.  Lights animate in sparkle to express Christmas themes from Angels on high to Santa's reindeer.   Words such as Joy and Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth, send out greetings to all those who pass by.   A beautiful piece of artwork, which began in heart and mind, becomes a physical expression for others to enjoy.

Mt. Vernon home with Christmas light display
Sight!  Sometimes called illumination....  I wrote a post in December, 2014 which spoke about the visible and the invisible and Christmas.  It is a message close to my heart and I pray the doors and windows of our spirit will continue to open for further illumination. The link below:

I wish you all a   MERRY CHRISTMAS!   And even more....  that the Christ within be your constant  illumination.   Wrap yourself within the robe of the Light of His Presence and exchange the Gift of Love.


You are invited to return to The Turn-Up Patch in the brand new year of 2016.  See you on Monday, January 4th....

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