Monday, July 6, 2015

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

I found this quote recently... "Nothing worth having comes easy", a rather true statement for anyone who has a personal vision, purpose or goal in their life.  It takes dedication, commitment and hard work to turn a dream into a reality.  It also takes patience and perseverance to overcome disappointments that seemingly block the intended outcome.  But inward passion is the thrust that leaps over hurdles, never losing sight of the desired goal.  Goals come in a variety of shapes and sizes but each one speaks personally to the inner heart of a man, woman and child.  Once a person finds their inclination, it becomes their inspiration towards a particular calling or a career.  Some may not realize their dream and struggle just to survive.  It all lies within the setting of freedom - the environment necessary to make dreams come true in choice and opportunity. 

For those who are in the profession of rancher and farmer, such hard work is apparent in preparation for the coming winter months.  As you drive through the John Day Valley, the green pastures of spring and irrigated fields of summer are in varied stages in the production of hay.  Grass and alfalfa fields are cut down in tidy rows awaiting the drying process before being bundled into bales of hay for livestock feeding. This is a simplified version of just one facet necessary in raising livestock.  It is a cycle of activity for those involved in this lifestyle.  And it takes a certain kind of individual to like this kind of life - to have that passion despite the ills that can come with it.   

Several weeks ago, the horses were moving across the fields, oblivious to the human effort in keeping them well fed throughout the year including the ensuing winter.  But they did make a nice photo shoot!

Yes! nothing worth having comes easy.  "For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son...." (John 3:16).

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  1. It is obvious by the beautiful condition of your horses out there how much care and effort has been put into having
    This unique lifestyle. A lot of work!!!