Monday, May 25, 2015

Cycle of Life and Doris R.I.P.

I found this beautiful picture representing the four seasons or a cycle of life that a tree and nature experience.  I wrote a post back in April of 2013 entitled Seasons and Surprises.    An excerpt from that post:  "Just as the earth goes through seasons in changes, so do we in our journey along the pathways of life.  No matter what season we are in, we are never alone in our experience because of our Ultimate Friend.  By His Spirit we are encouraged from within and once in awhile, He creates a 'bit of magic' just for you to brighten your day in surprising discovery."  You can read the post in full at

If you can imagine your life as seasons, we find that humanity as a whole share the same emotions and instincts in passing through experiences.  We all know what it is like to feel fear, hunger, thirst, pain and sorrow - to name a few.  On the flip side, we also know what it is like to feel love, fullness, happiness, contentment - to name a few.   

We feel the excitement, delight and wonder of new birth, when a baby exits the womb and enters into a lifetime of future experiences.  This event brings about a preparation, physically and externally in the beginning of their cycle of life.  So too, does a preparation begin for the end of life, in particular, my mother-in-law Doris....

I have written about her in previous posts and have introduced Doris to you as a Rosie the Riveter,  who has been a wife, mother, grandmother, great grandma and her own person.  She has been known as an avid horsewoman, a talented artist and skilled photographer for her own enjoyment.  She liked the outdoors and was a good shot with a rifle and has killed quite a few deer in her lifetime for meat.  Doris celebrated her 93rd birthday in February.  I felt at that time, it would be the last birthday we'd  have with her.  Doris has been in hospice care for a month now.  I have watched the tender attention that she has received from her caregivers at Valley View and her hospice team.  It has been a great comfort to see the preparation done for her as she exits this world and enters into the glory of heaven.  Her body has been treated with dignity making sure that she is clean and comfortable.  There has been a cuddly teddy bear by her side along with mouth swabs, lip balm and comfort blankets.  There has been a pain patch and morphine to eliminate any discomfort or suffering.  There have been spiritual words and prayers spoken to her and permission given to leave her weary body.   

We have watched Doris this past week as she crossed the finish line into eternity.  She has completed her cycle of life at the rich age of  93.  I am blessed to have known her, not only as a mother-in-law but as a friend. She did the best she could with the knowledge she had in her experience of life,   something most of us could say in our own personal journeys.  I share these photos with you of Doris as a girl who grew into a lovely woman who was still beautiful in the winter of her life.

February 27, 1922 - May 24, 2015
I am a believer in this simple concept - 'we are spiritual beings having a human experience'.  I can't imagine going through this life without believing in something greater beyond ourselves.   Doris is now enjoying peace in her true home knowing the fullness of  Love and Light that we just get glimmers of in this earthly realm.  A particular stanza in the popular hymn Amazing Grace says this:
Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail, and mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess, within the veil, a life of joy and peace.

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  1. Sunday turned out to be such a mild, lovely spring day. I am glad the Lord provided such a day for Doris' last
    one on this old earth. Lovely images, Colleen. Thank you!

  2. Jim, Colleen and family - we are thinking of you all at this time of transition. Doris lived a wonderful life and was blessed having you as family. A new beginning, a new life, a new time is beginning. Hugs to you all. Jennifer