Monday, May 20, 2013

An Awesome Race

I recently had the opportunity of attending "The Awesome 3000" which is a race event for children from kindergarten through middle school, including a handicap event.  The air of excitement that emitted from the children was contagious and I found myself thoroughly engaged in the atmosphere of "high five's, warm-ups, laughter and competitor-camaraderie that was prevalent among the young participants.  Parents, family and friends scrambled for a seat in the stadium to get a good view to cheer their loved ones in enthusiastic support.  Others lined the track, picking a good vantage point to applaud their children on with shouts of encouragement.  Cameras were out in force, capturing today's moment for yesterday's memory

Logistics:  According to news reports, there were in excess of 3500 children registered for this year's event from the surrounding city schools.  Both boys and girls participated in their division according to their school grade level.  They run 1000m, 2000m and 3000m based on their grade for distance.    Each child's timing and placement at the finish line is posted.  Every child who participates receives a  medal for the achievement of running in the race.

Anticipation ran high with each group of children when it came their turn to run.  They pressed against the rope that held them back at the starting line, their bodies poised and legs ready to take that track at the go signal.  Some shot out to take the lead, others held back finding their way in the crowd of participants, others paced themselves conserving energy.  There were fast and slow runners, joggers and walkers, each focused on the track determined to complete their race, no matter what their time would be or who was ahead of them.  Some took a fall on the track but, with a tear or two, they picked themselves up determined to get back in the race.   Their goal was personal... to make the run!  

I equate all these dynamics into the race that we daily run "on the track" of our journey in life  There are many references in scripture regarding this race.  Hebrews 12:1,2 "...let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith..."  

What does it take to run an awesome race of faith in our life?  The word AWESOME means inspiring awe; outstanding.   Also, one of the dictionary meanings for the word RUN is to move without hindrance or restraint.    The following are some examples that are meaningful in principle, which can make a difference as to how we run the race.

 A is for Attitude and Awareness.  Awareness is the key for Attitude.  Once we become aware of a negative attitude, we can make the change.... and move in positive growth on the track of life.
W - is for Worth and Willpower.  Anything of worth or value that is set before us takes willpower to either attain or retain that which is worthy.... and realize fulfillment of vision on the track of life.
E -  is for Enthusiasm and Enjoyment.  It is easy to become enthused with the things that we enjoy, which develop our inner gifts and talents.... and used as a catalyst in accomplishment on the track of life.
S is for Support and Sincerity.  Support is fortified by sincerity if it is to be genuine and becomes lasting in commitment....and develops into stronger belief on the track of life.
O - is for Opportunity and Openness.   Opportunity comes in many forms and we need to keep an Open mind for clear direction.... and in the process, discover purpose on the track of life.
M - is for Marvelous and Meaningful.  When something becomes meaningful in your life, it appears marvelous in the depth and height and width of expanded understanding.... and enlightenment evolves on the track of life.
E is for Endurance and Encouragement.   Endurance needs Encouragement.  The little lights of encouragement that come our way can ignite a new surge of endurance in continuing on.... and brings strength on the track of life.

It's not about timing or placement but it's a matter of completing the race as the children did in the Awesome 3000.  We may walk or we may run or we may take a fall on the track of life but the Father of Lights is with us to cheer us on and also to pick us up.  Our reward is a Divine "Thumbs Up"... a job well done for completing the race of faith and partake of the victory prize set before us.

A fitting conclusion to today's post is this wonderful song "Because We Believe" by Andrea Bocelli.  A blind Italian singer and musician, he has been described as a voice for the new millennium.   Please take time to listen to his inspirational song with words of truth.  The song was co-written by Bocelli, David Foster and daughter, Amy Foster for the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, where it was performed by Bocelli. He certainly is an example of running an Awesome race on the track of life despite set-backs and a disability.  Thank you Triina77 for creating this beautiful video.
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