Monday, January 14, 2013

Bit of Magic

This is a great quote by  J.B. Priestley…  “I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.”    

What a great attitude to have if we could greet each day anticipating that bit of magic to unfold with the gift of a new day.  It may come with a child's smile; an affirmation of "good job"; a pet who licks your hand in love and acceptance;  a pleasantry passed with family, friend or co-worker.   It can come in the form of a note, email or phone call from a beloved.  It can be a breath of fresh air or in sunshine that breaks through on a cloudy day.  It can be in aging, withered hands reaching out to give an affectionate hug from an elderly.  It can be an encouraging word or a rainbow in the sky.  Many such experiences of bits of magic are but a whisper from God waiting for recognition

Last Monday, I shared with you about  "Pieces of Heaven".  Today's post goes hand in hand with a "Bit of Magic".    If we seek the magic, we will find it whether it be connected with people, places or experiences in our day to day living.   With this in mind, I share a few more photos of winter magic in Eastern Oregon....

Morning Has Broken
Just Horsin'  Around

Wintering Quail
(A reminder to click on the photos to enlarge)

Hoarfrost...   It’s been several years ago that most of the John Day valley experienced a hoarfrost which transformed the winter bleakness of leafless trees and surrounding countryside into a crystal wonderland.  Magic waited behind the fog as it lifted, leaving a covering of delicate white ice crystals as it touched trees, ground, hills and brush.   It was a photographer's delight With my camera in tow, I walked on country back roads and drove on Highway 26 to catch some of this magic before it disappeared in the warming sunshine.  I took so many shots, I decided to use some of them in this post as a photo slide show.  It was difficult for me to pick out my favorites as they all were.  The camera still cannot do justice to the crisp white frost that changed the ordinary to extraordinary.  The Father of Lights was especially creative in transforming His nature into a dazzling display of frosty ice.

The PhotoShow is called "Magic".  The images are more detailed when you watch the slideshow by clicking on the larger view format.  You can also view at this link:

Until next Monday at The Turn-Up Patch... may you experience a bit of magic in your every day. 


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