Saturday, December 15, 2012

Remembrance for Newtown, CT

Hello my dear family, friends, readers and from Eastern Oregon to Newtown, Connecticut....

I have just completed this message tonight (Saturday) which is being posted a little sooner than my usual Mondays.  It is important to acknowledge those who have lost their most treasured possessions this past week....  their children and loved ones in Newtown, Connecticut.  Twenty children and six adults were killed by a lone gunman at their Sandy Hook Elementary school. Actually 28 died when you include the gunman's mother and his own suicide. As I write this, on going investigations are still unfolding events as to the heroes at Sandy Hook and a deeper glimpse into the 20 year old shooter.  The names and profiles of the all those who were killed are now released; the children were 6 and 7 years of age, such tiny angels.

We are bound to one another as a community throughout the nation and the ripple effect of such loss is felt across the human soul in the face of such senseless tragedy.  Consolation seems impotent in its power compared to the magnitude of grief experienced in the broken hearts of affected families and friends. Particularly, this time of year.... Christmas!  Which speaks of joy and peace among men, and children eagerly anticipating the opening of gifts.  It is equally difficult because of a child's innocence and vulnerability in the face of such darkness that came upon them last Friday. We don't know the answer to 'Why God, why'?  But we do know that we live in a broken world and that the Father of Lights is here to help us pick up the pieces in whatever destructive circumstance has happened.  May His Son, the Light of the World, sustain and strengthen, infusing His warmth of love and comfort to the numb and shattered hearts in Newtown.

I found this song by Ricky Atkinson with it's beautiful and meaningful lyrics.  Collectively, we can all send this truth through our prayers and thoughts to Newtown's hurting people.  
Presented by Kwantum Productions, the link to this video is: 

Jesus Can

Ricky Atkinson/Ricky Atkinson Music/BMI

Verse 1
If I could I would take away the troubles
weighing heavy on your mind and in your life
If I could, I would wipe away the sorrows
that you feel deep down inside and make them mine
But there’s only just so much a friend indeed
Can help you through along the way
But I’m glad to say I know the One who will be there
To help you when you pray

If I could I would take you by the hand
and lead you through this valley wide
And stand upon the mountain high
If I could I would walk across the burning desert sand
Restore your soul with sweeter water from a better land
But I’m sure that in my strongest hour
I still could not possess the power
To bring you through the raging fire you must withstand
But remember, Jesus can

Verse 2
If I could, I would wipe away the tears
that stain your pillow in the night and make it right
If I could, I would lift you up above the clouds
of doubt and fearful fright with all my might
But the truth remains the same,
Though I try my best, I’m still a man like you
But I’m glad to say I know the one
who will be there to help you make it through

Please join me next Monday, December 24th for my post entitled "The Infinite Holding Infinity".


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