Wednesday, November 21, 2012


WELCOME  to my very first post in this new adventure called a Blog.  It is exciting to learn something new and discover this tool to use as a way of expression for family, friends and readers. 
"Inspiration through words and photos as to the visibility of God as He 'turns-up' in His Creations, including you and me, as we connect in living patches of life."   
The caption of this blog is about TURN-UP which means to appear or become visible.... to happen unexpectedly..... to find or be found. PATCH means to reinforce, repair... a dressing or covering applied to a wound.... to join or unite pieces.... a small plot of land.

With all this being said, I dedicate this blog to Gods' Presence, who is the ultimate "Turn-up" in the patches of my life; to my family and friends who are ever faithful in "Turn-up" for me; and now to you, my readers, who just might "Turn-up" to read a post or two. 

Oh yes!  There is another kind of  Turn-up.  This one has 4 legs, a fluffy tail and goes "Meowwww".  She came to us abandoned, lost, frightened, skinny and starving.  One look at her and she entered my heart and has been my shadow ever since.  Her name is Turnup as that is exactly what happened... she turned up in my life and has been a furry friend ever since.  She found her patch with us.  You can see her at the top of the page in the header photo.

In the spirit of  Thanksgiving (or Thanks-Living), the following slideshow is also a first for me besides starting a blog.  These sky photos are put together in a presentation for your viewing.  I call it "BEAUTY OF MT. VERNON SKIES."  I often take my camera with me during my "walk-a-bouts" at the ranch.  It is a marvel to observe the colors and cloud formations which exist in sunrises, sunsets and the general vastness of sky space.  The last three frames are of the sun covered in a cloudy haze surrounded by a beautiful halo.  I have since found out that it is called a sun-dog and the halo is formed during certain atmospheric conditions.  If you look closely at the last frame, you will notice a jet stream passing through the sun-dog.  And if  you take a second look, you will see the shadow of the jet stream passing through the sky.  

I will be sharing much of Eastern Oregon (and beyond)  through photos in future posts.  Next Monday (Nov. 26),  I have some thoughts to bring to you regarding the "Power of a Thankful Heart".  See you then.... I hope you will 'turn-up'!

      "Only from the heart can you touch the sky".... Rumi

If you wish, you can click on the enlarge icon to turn it into full screen.  
You can really touch the sky in this format!                   

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  1. Very beautiful thoughts and video Colleen!!

  2. what a great job and so creative, Colleen !